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The Best Cities for Cycling, According to Instagram

With a growing number of cities focusing on becoming more bike-friendly for locals and visitors, it is becoming an increasingly popular method of transport.

With this in mind, New reasearch from MoneyBeach looked at Instagram to try to find out which cities are the most beautiful for cycling by taking into account the city’s size with the number of hashtags that mention the city’s name along with bike, cycling or cycle.

“As better weather and hopefully the ability to travel to new places is on the horizon, there can be nothing better than a bike ride,” said Mike Rees, CEO of MoneyBeach, in a statement.

Chiang Mai ranked 1st for Best cities to Cycle

“The Instagram data provided the perfect way to find this out, and the research was filled with snaps of bike rides up beautiful mountains or across bustling cities. We hope our rankings can act as the ideal post-COVID travel inspiration for any keen cyclists, as well as some ideas for rides a little closer to home.”

The research found that the best place to cycle was in Chiang Mai in Thailand with the #chiangmaicycling hashtag being one of the most shared cycling hashtags on Instagram. The city boasts gorgeous natural scenery and stunning temples, making it an ideal place to explore on bike.

Miami ranked 2nd in the MoneyBeach report

The second place accolade goes to Miami in the U.S. The city boasts year-round warm climate and stunning outdoor parks and beaches, which is a great reason to explore this wonderful city on bike.

The third spot goes to one of the most visited cities in the world — Paris. The French Capital scored highly thanks to the cities fabulous architecture and scenic views. The city has also become more bike-friendly in recent years which has undoubtedly  helped with it’s ranking.

Paris came in 3rd for Best cities to Cycle

Other cities that make the Top 10:
– London, UK
– Cambridge, UK
– Barcelona, Spain
– Dublin, Ireland
– Athens, Greece
– Bristol, UK
– Beirut, Lebanon

Source: MoneyBeach

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