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Rhubarb at Sky Garden Web Sized80 e1579531588784

10 Attractions to visit in London

Whether you would like to unwind and take in the stunning skyline views or looking for a thrilling experience, there are plenty of things to see & do in the Capital and so we have compiled our list of 10 attractions for an enjoyable day out in London.

Sky Garden

Rhubarb at Sky Garden Web Sized80 e1579531588784
Rhubarb at Sky Garden Web Sized80 e1579531588784

Sky Garden is the perfect place to have a nice dinner or drink and delight an amazing scenery looking towards the heart of London. With its gardens full of flowers and an abundance of unique plants like African lilies or Red Hot Poker. Sky Garden is not only famous for its design but also for the events that are being organised at the restaurant and the bar area. There is no entering fee but the capacity is limited, that is why you should book in advance.

The London Eye

Photo: London Eye

One of the most popular attractions in the capital is now welcoming visitors every day from 11am. to 6pm. The number of people allowed in the cabins is reduced, so a safe social distance can be implemented. What is more, the government advises people to stay closer to their family or friends and wear their face masks during the journey. For more information and ticket prices you can visit their website London Eye.

The London Dungeon

Photo: London Dungeon

Are you ready to make your blood run cold? The London Dungeon is now opened every day from 10am to 4pm. However, the capacity is reduced and visitors should keep the social distancing rules and wear a face covering. If you want to make sure that your place is secured, book in advance and you do not have to wait in a long queue for a ticket. Check prices and availability here- London Dungeon.

The London Dungeon dates back from 1974 becoming one of the most famous attractions for both visitors and locals. England is full of history and this is the place where you can even experience it. If you are interested in the dark side of London you can go 1000 years back and learn more about the characters that you have been reading for in the books.

Photo: Clink Prison

Hidden between the tall buildings of Southwark, the Clink Prison keeps scary secrets about the people who were trapped in it. The prison kept not only the usual drunken and criminals but also rebels like Sir Thomas Wyatt protesting against the Queen “Bloody Mary” or John Rogers who translated the Bible from English to Latin under the reign of the same Queen. The prison operated from 1144 to 1780 leaving its never ending horror history absorbed in the walls and air.


Photo: Harrods

One of the largest, most famous and expensive department stores in the world, Harrods, was founded in 1849 starting as a small shop with little number of employees, selling fruit, vegetables and medicine. It is opened for visitors at the moment and even if you are not buying anything you can still visit it. Harrods is a must visit attraction for many reasons. To begin with its breathtaking interior design, spacious and luxurious. There is an abundance of brands and boutiques from famous designers like Channel, Gucci or Louis Vuitton. The store sells many expensive things like bags, shoes, perfumes or sweet goods. One of the most expensive things that Harrods have ever sold are the Stuart Weitzman Ruby Slippers evaluated at $1.6 Million.

Camden Market

Photo: Camden Market

London is some to some pretty great markets and Camden Market is one of the largest markets in London and now open tor visitors. Camden Market comprises 6 markets and you will need around 2.5 hours to see all of them.

Camden Market dates back from 1800 starting with only a few small craft shops. With time it became one of the most visited markets in England. What is more, if you are really interested in getting to know the history and secrets behind the market, there are organised tours that do just that.

Madame Tussauds Museum

Photo: Madame Tussauds Museum

One of the most famous museums in the world presenting waxworks of well known and historical figures, opened its doors to the public and is now selling tickets. It is recommended to book in advance because cash is no longer accepted due to the current health and safety regulations. It is required for the visitors to wear their face masks and they will be asked to get their temperature checked when entering.

The museum is called after the wax sculptor Marie Tussaud (Grosholtz before her marriage) She found it 200 years ago, starting with only few sculptures. By the time of the French Revolution she got imprisoned in Paris and forced to make death masks from corps, victims of the revolution. The museum keeps the history between its walls. You should definitely visit it!

The Royal Observatory

Photo: The Royal Greenwich Observatory

The Royal Observatory is part of the Maritime Museum and preserve years of an astronomy and navigation history.It is located on the top of Greenwich park, giving the visitors a chance not only to explore its history but also to enjoy an amazing view towards Greenwich university, the Maritime museum which is only minutes away and of course a view of Canary Wharf with its stunning buildings. It is a fact that the Greenwich Meridian passes through that location, making the Observatory a must-visit attraction for tourists. They can stay on the both sides of the equator, isn’t it impressive! Visitors can also see the clocks that change time itself or explore the world of astronomy.

ArcelorMittal Orbit

Photo: ArcelorMittal Orbit

The tallest and largest sculpture in London created for the Olympic games in 2012. The story traces the idea of this amazing creation. The Londoners wanted to keep the memory of the games forever so the government and the largest steel company were ready for the new project. A 114,5m tall tunnel slide was built up in honour of the Olympic games.

The Orbit is located at the centre of Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and is opened Friday to Monday. Tickets can be purchased online and visitors should follow the health and safety measures which include keeping safe distance and wearing face covering.

The View from the Shard

Photo: The Shard

An amazing experience in London’s tallest building, giving a chance for unforgettable experiences. To go to ‘The view’ there is an entery fee ,however there is an option where you can enjoy the view for free like from the bar or the restaurant area. It is important to be noted that there is a dress code and you cannot enter with trainers or a simple T-shirt. You can book tickets on their website The Shard.

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