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5 Magnificent Places in Europe for a Winter Holiday

The winter season is on its way, where city breaks allow you to explore somewhere new or to a familiar retreat. Winter is a season for romantic holidays, winter markets and exploring. Here are our five picks for a memorable winter break.

Bansko, Bulgaria

Photo: Bansko

The most popular place for relaxing and winter activities in Bulgaria is Bansko. It is closely located to the capital, Sofia. There are many hotels or bungalows where you can stay while having a great time at the slope. Bulgaria’s magnificent nature, places and views attract thousands of tourists from around the world. This European country offers a budget holiday with great atmosphere, service and accommodation conditions. The Bulgarian mountains are perfect for your winter break. Numerous events and entertainments are organised every year such as skiing, snowboarding and ice skating.

Rochejean, France

Photo: Rochejean

Rochejean is a small village in eastern France, part of the Bourgogne- Franche- Comte region with only 686 inhabitants. It doesn’t attract many tourists which makes it perfect getaway for a laid-back and secluded break where you can appreciate its beauty and find inner peace. Rochejean is situated near the Jura mountains boasting its Lake region with plenty of breath-taking scenery and tall waterfalls. The region also offers winter sports. The prices vary depending on the accommodation and start from 30 euro per night. There are many activities or attractions around such as exploring nearby cities, visiting the local monasteries and living with the locals.

Titisee- Neustadt, Germany

Photo: Titisee- Neustadt

Titisee- Neustadt is part of the Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald district in souther Germany. The place is famous for the spa, hydrotherapeutic and curative practices. It is also a winter sports centre, allowing both tourists and locals to enjoy the magnificent mountains and views. Interesting landmarks that you can see are the Old town Neustadt, Langenordnach valley or the Titisee lake. In terms of prices, there is are plenty of budget accomdations to be found. The price range for high quality hotels can start from 70 euros per night.

Gruyères, Switzerland

Photo: Gruyeres

Gruyeres is a small medieval town in Switzerland offering not only space for ski activities but is also home of many agricultural inventions such as milk production, cattle- breeding or the famous Gruyeres cheese. The town’s cultural heritages help in keeping its value and authenticity. For that reason many travellers are opt to see the 13th century Castle or the Tibet Museum, explaining the Tibetan Buddhist art. There are many activities that can make your experience unforgettable. Visitors can go on a helicopter for sightseeing, skijoring, paragliding or even horse riding. For those who want to try local food and drinks, there are restaurants that offer the typical fondue, röstis, soup de chalet and many other local dishes.

Hallstatt, Austria

Photo: Hallstatt

Hallstatt is a small town located on the southwestern shore of Hallstätter See in Upper Austria right under the Eastern Alps. It is famous for salt production and its historical connection to the Celtic tribes, making Hallstatt fascinating destination full of history and hidden gems. The town is perfect for winter sports practices and sightseeing. Locals offer visitors various attractions such as organised tours around the Salt Mine, boat excursions around the magnificent fjord-lake or a hiking adventure to the Alps’ best viewing platform. Hallstatt is brimming with hotels and places to stay overnight at reasonable prices.

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