Winter Breaks – Dusseldorf City Guide for a short holiday break

Dusseldorf is the capital city of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia state. This modern metropolis has plenty to offer with a charming array of activities and culture as well as culinary delights.

Although the city doesn’t show its glitz as blatantly as other cities, underneath the exterior is a vibrant, cultured and fun city that has something for everyone.

Dusseldorf’s Altstadt in the the Old Town area offers plenty to do and is a great spot for first time visitors to get acquainted with the city. From cultural sights, museums and boutiques dotting the Rhine River and all within close proximity which makes this a great area to explore on foot and take in the sights.

Winter Breaks - Dusseldorf City Guide

You can also head to the Burgerplatz near the tourist center of Marktplatz for all information and advice regarding the city. The true heart of the Altstadt is the Marktplatz, while nearby, a popular tourist information centre can be found on the Burgplatz, dispensing plenty of useful tourism advice. Head to Königsallee which offers some the best shopping in the city.

The Rheinufer Promenade is a very popular attraction in Dusseldorf allowing you to walk or cycle on its pathways to stunning views of the Rhine. The area also has plenty of beer gardens for you to unwind.

The historic Südbrücke Bridge links the city to a town called Neuss and is an impressive sight of architecture.

Winter Breaks - Dusseldorf City Guide

For music aficionados the city’s main music venue Tonhalle regularly attracts top artists. For a fun family day out head over to the Dusseldorf Univesity Batonical Gardens and see the impressive gardens and Zoo.

For more stunning architecture be sure to check out the State of Parliament (Landtag) on the northern side of the Rhine.

If you feel like dining in style head over to the Rheinturm Tower which features a revolving restaurant to spectacular views of the city. The impressive Cartwheel Fountain known as Radschlägerbrunnen with its stunning bronze statues is also another popular attraction.


The city also boasts an impressive aquarium; Aquazoo which gives detailed accounts on the many fascinating underwater creatures; For those who like their theatrics head over to the Dusseldorf Theatre Museum which features 400 years of German theatrical productions.

After soaking up the stunning views of the Rhine and the cities architecture you may want to unwind at the World’s Longest Bar located in Alstadt in the city’s Old Town which features as many as 300 bars and discos all in a half-mile radius.

Winter Breaks - Dusseldorf City Guide

If you’re visiting during the festive season then you have to check out Düsseldorf’s impressive Christmas Market located in the city center offering impressively decorated stalls spread over seven locations. You can find more detailed information on the market here.

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