Justin Bieber PUNCHES fan in the face in Barcelona after fan grabs his face

Justin Bieber landed a punch on a fan that got too close for comfort to the star as he arrived for a gig in Barcelona.

Bieber was being driven in a black Mercedes which was cruising at a steady speed to allow fans to get a glimpse of their idol.

However the trouble began was one zealous fan got too close and leaned into the car window and appeared to grab Bieber’s face.

Justin Bieber punches fan in the face in BarcelonaThe ‘Sorry’ star was clearly frustrated by it and reacted by punching the fan in the face through the open car window. The unnamed fan was left with a bloody lip after the encounter and the footage has since gone viral.

The star has had an array off brushes with overzealous fans. Last week in Prague an over-excited fan pulled down Justin’s trousers leaving the pop star embarrassed as his bodyguard rushed to his aid.

Justin Bieber punches fan in the face in BarcelonaBack in June in Ohio, Bieber got into a scuffle after a man took a swing at him.

Justin did manage to get some fun out of his time in Spain though as he had a kick-about with Barcelona and Brazil superstar Neymar. At one point Neymar became the goalkeeper as Justin went for goal.

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