REVIEW – Star Wars A Rogue One Story delivers an epic start for new saga

When Disney bought the Star Wars franchise from Lucas Films, many fans were left wondering what Direction the beloved movie franchise would take. So far the movies have delivered and Rogue One, the first movie outside the episodic format delivers plenty of thrills but with a darker overtone to previous episodes.

Rogue One provides an engrossing experience with a strong war theme seamlessly integrated into the Star Wars universe when a group of rebels attempt to steal the plans for the Death Star.

Jyn Erso (Felicity Jones) is a Rebellion soldier and criminal who is tasked by Mon Mothma to steal the plans for Death Star and is joined in the mission by rebels, non-allied forces and a master swordsman.

Fighting his inner demons, the designer of this Death Star purposely placed a flaw that would allow for it to be destroyed but only in the right hands.

Hoping to one-day redeem his name the flaw was placed in an archive and falls into the hands of the designer’s daughter, Jyn Erso. This way the designs could also reach the rebels who were so eager to get on with events in Episode One in destroying the Death Star.

Review - Star Wars A Rogue One Story delivers an epic start for new saga

Rogue One delivers a solid script for this new Star Wars entry with a good combination of action, drama and humor. The movie also boasts plenty of memorable moments.

The characters in Rogue One are unique and interesting with great character development.

Director Gareth Edwards is also a master at creating tension and suspense and this movie has it in spades.

The movie offers a seamless combination of CGI effect and live-action in impressive sets. The visuals in Rogue One are a joy and bring the epic Star Wars universe to life in splendid form.

The movie also contains plenty of humor with lots of hilarious one-liners and funny moments that brought a great balance to the darker theme of Rogue One.

There are also some nostalgic moments for loyal fans of the franchise that connects the Star Wars universe.

The movie also benefits from a solid supporting cast with stand-out performances from Forest Whitaker as Saw Gerrea and Riz Ahmed as Bodhi Rook. The new villain in Rogue One is Orson Krennic played by Ben Mendelsohn who also does a fine job in his portrayal of super-villian.

Fans also get a welcome appearance from Vader, which perfectly compliments the films narrative and will also please loyal fans. His presence is also felt throughout the movie adding another layer of tension to the film.

The third act in the movie with its heavy war tone is arguably the most intense part of the movie providing an epic ground level battle, which seamlessly transitions between the ground and space battle creating an really impressive spectacle.

What also makes Rogue One stand out is the complexity of the rebels who at many times disagree with each other and even go far as to question their own agenda which adds an interesting narrative to the plot.

VERDICT// With its combination of stunning visuals, dynamic characters and seamless plot Star Wars A Rogue One Story is an impressive new entry for the franchise. ★★★★★

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